Cycle Cargo

People are beginning to view bicycling as a feasible option for their daily commute, a cargo bike enables you to leave the car at home allowing you to take on the city as well as cruise through the countryside. It is so much more than a mode of transport, it instantly becomes a new lifestyle and a vehicle for adventures and expeditions.We Brings creative ways to transport your entire clan on two or three wheels, making your journey back onto the bike path as easy as well,and making your journey is possible with comfort and security.

Cycle Cargo is light, easy to ride, and versatile. can hold anything and everything, including children, groceries, picnics, and even dogs. Designed to be a multi-functional trailer/trolley that can be used in different transport situations as carrying up to 120 kg.Our Products are made with top of the range components that you can rely on.

We build the an affordable, lightweight, strong, durable , products which will last for a lifetime..

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