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Product Development and Concept generation

We understand design for manufacture and this shows that our team is trained to develop a product from a sketch to manufacture data, and this ensures we maintain design intent and integrity right through the development process. After having a clear idea, we move on to concept design. We produce hand drawn sketches, creating a flow of ideas.

We use concept design softwares like Autodesk Alias and Fusion 360 to create sketches and models for investigating the shape, purpose, color and ergonomics. Concepts are fully rendered images, which show the product as a finished item. These impressive images can be used to present to potential clients or investors, and with animation software, brought to life with movement to show assembly and all-round views. We encourage our customers to be part of the product development process, so that they become involved and ensure that the designs meet with their expectations.

Our industrial designers can imagine, design, engineer and create your products. We’ll combine creative vision, technical expertise, and our design skills to help you develop a product and help you get where you need to be.Contact us today to learn how we can help you get there.

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We strive to transform your product vision into successful innovative real-world designs, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.